Educational Resources

Restrictions & Guidelines

Unlike many other Colorado communities, Parker Water does not have any mandatory watering restrictions at this time. View the PWSD Irrigation and Lawn Care Guidelines for Homeowners (PDF).

We do ask that customers follow the voluntary watering schedule posted each season on this website. So far, the honor system has worked well for our community and we appreciate your cooperation. 

YES! You can use xeriscaping in any covenant controlled community. Please read Senate Bill 100.

Efficiently Water Your Landscaping

Increasing your outdoor water efficiency saves money. Most customers will find that they can remain in the second tier (under 20,000 gallons per month) by watering their lawns no more than every third day. This also promotes a deeper root system (PDF). Your lawn will be much more drought tolerant.

Water early in the morning to avoid excessive evaporation. This time of day is usually less windy and the water pressure is generally higher. Try to avoid watering paved areas and don't use your hose to wash sidewalks and driveways.

You can perform your own irrigation audit by simply reading your meter prior to the start of an irrigation cycle and reading it again immediately after the cycle is complete. This will give you the total number of gallons used per cycle.